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Sunrise Triangle #146

What is Triangle?

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"A Triangle girl sits like a lady, stands like a soldier, and walks like a Queen."


The Organization of Triangles

The Organization of Triangles is a masonic youth group for girls in New York State, for girls ages 10 through 21. For 80 years Triangle has been helping girls build "A Finer American Womanhood". Triangle tries to develope in each of its members a devotion to high ideals, a better understanding of duty to God, Home and Country and stresses the importance of education in the development of intellect and character. Triangle is not a religious group but members are encouraged to believe in a Supreme Being. There are advisors present at our functions but the girls are in charge of the meetings and activities. We do many service projects and charity work such as visiting nursing homes, donating to various charities (check that our on our Charity Page), and volunteering our time at soup kitchens. We also have many fun activities like bowling, camping, sleepovers, dances, dinners, water parks, theme parks, trips, ice-skating, and it goes on & on & on! Sunrise meets on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of each month where plan the upcoming activities. Girls learn to run meetings on their own and other important skills such as public speaking, poise, people skills, memorization, and more. "A Triangle girl sits like a lady, stands like a soldier, and walks like a Queen."


The Three Duties of the Triangle

Triangle is based up the three duties of the Triangle; our duty to God expressed through own our individual faiths, our to duty to others through charity, community service, and treating others better in daily lives and our duty to ourselves by helping to build self-confidence and self esteem as well as having fun.Through these three duties, Triangle helps to build character and create well rounded young ladies.